Dry skin was yesterday...

Experience the unsurpassed Hydration Boosters and gain up to +92% more skin hydration after 6 hours and remarkable +38% after more than 24 hours.
dermatologically tested - COSMOS certified


Xerophyte Plants

XERADIN™ is a genuinely functional ingredient of pure vegetal origin that provides exceptional instant 24-hour hydration power. This innovative ingredient was obtained as a result of the adaptogenic mechanisms of xerophyte plants under hydric conditions.


Where does it come from?

XERADIN™ is grown from clary sage, which in particular is effective against hydric stress conditions - extreme drought. Its flavonoids have the same anti-dryness properties on the skin as in the plant. Which is why XERADIN™ has two main functions: maintains moisture, immediately and long-term reducing water loss.


What is it that nature does so differently?

In the biosphere, plants are often subjected to a series of adverse conditions, which differ from the optimum environment required for the growth and reproduction of the plant. Thus, they survive according to their adaptive flexibility. 

There are a few areas on the planet that already have been classified as especially disadvantageous for the survival of most plants due to the lack of water they are subjected to and the resulting hydric. 

Flora inhabiting those areas has had to adapt to these xeric conditions to be able to grow and reproduce, which means that it has developed different and special mechanisms to better leverage and manage available water.


In Vivo tests have shown:

Live tests have showed that the moisturizing effect of XERADIN™ is truly unsurpassed:


XERADIN™ improves significantly the barrier function condition since it decreases transepidermal water loss.


XERADIN™ produces a progressive increase in hydration.


XERADIN™ is a powerful moisturizing agent with 24-hour activity and an intensive immediate effect.


Is it really healthy and safe for me?

According to toxicological results, based on current safety assays and bibliographical data, XERADIN™ has been evaluated as being free of any risks.


XERADIN™ has been certified by:

Vegan Compliance, ISO 16128-Natural Origin, COSMOS Certificate