Surprise your loved ones, family, friends or work colleagues. Surprise them with the paperless,
virtual «DIGITAL GIFT CARD» to print out easily at home or the physical «GIFT CARD» in its
elegant card holder.

What can I buy with the Gift Card?

With HARNN's Gift Cards you can buy all your favourite items by HARNN, VUUDH and TICHAA, as well as other HARNN services, treatments and get access to Spas and events within Europe.

How long are the gift cards valid?

Our Gift Cards can be redeemed within 1 year from the date of issue or purchase.

Where can I redeem the Gift Cards?

Our Gift Cards can be redeemed in all our official HARNN online shops and in any official physical HARNN store within Europe.

How do I redeem a Gift Card?

In our official HARNN online shops, simply enter your voucher code in theappropriate field in the "Check-Out". When visiting us in our official physical HARNN Stores, please present your gift card at the check-out desk.

What happens to the remaining amount?

If there is a remaining balance after your purchase, it will of course bedeposited on your voucher code. We calculate step by step for you andyour remaining amount is always kept for you. Cash payouts of remainingamounts are not possible.

Where can I find the vouchers and how are they issued?

You can find our vouchers here in this section, under "Gifts & Sets" or via thedirect link at the bottom of the home page under "Vouchers". You can alsosimply enter the term "voucher" in the search field with the "hatch".

Then select the voucher with the amount you would like to purchase andplace it in your shopping cart.

If you have chosen the «DIGITAL GIFT CARD», you will automatically receive an e-mail with your personal voucher code as soon as you havecompleted the "Check Out" process and payment has been processed. Now you can print out your voucher at home, in the office or anywhere onthe road and shop your favourite items.

If you have chosen the physical «GIFT CARD» in the elegant card holder, you will receive your card by regular postal service as soon as you havecompleted the "Check Out" process and the payment has been carried out.


Our voucher entitles to purchase any items, services, events and treatments available at HARNN Voucher can be used as full or partial payment on a pro-rata basis. Remaining amounts will be credited for further purchases. Cash payment of the vouchers is not possible.