HARNN - Jasmine Sambac - Body Lotion

BODY LOTION ULTRA SENSITIVE - JASMINE SAMBAC I hypoallergenic for extra sensitive skin

+ Tannin, Linolenic acid, Vitamin D, Turmeric, Moringa
Dermatologically tested, anti-allergic and alkaline body lotion for hypersensitive skin and skin defects such as inflammation, redness, allergies, itching and other irritations. Immediately soothes, balances and regenerates the skin's cell structure thanks to low molecular weight organic active ingredients.
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CHF 89.00

- Anti-allergenic, dermatologically tested body lotion
- For hyper-sensitive skin, relieves inflammation, redness, allergies, itching
- Alkaline, pH 5.5
- For reconstructing damaged skin structure, accelerates skin regeneration
- Particularly nourishing and moisturising
- Contains tannin, linolenic acid, vitamin D, turmeric & moringa extracts
- Suitable for daily use
- 100% recyclable
- EcoFriendly

Our products are made exclusively without alcohol, sulphate, artificial colours, formaldehyde, paraben, silicone, mineral oils or SLS/SLES. According to our tradition, we never test on animals, nor do the products contain extracts of the same. The materials we use are made of 100% recyclable fabrics in high quality bottles made of environmentally friendly material (Eco-Friendly).