VUUDH - Interior Room Spray - Phuket

NATURAL ROOM PERFUME SPRAY - Lemongrass & Lavender

+ pure plant-derived essential oils
Natural room perfume spray with carefully balanced pure essential oils, for a fresh yet gently pleasant ambience or even to keep away unwanted odours, mosquitoes and moths in a quick way.
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- Room Perfume Spray with pleasantly gentle natural essential oils
- Fresh invigorating aromas of lemongrass & balancing lavender
- This formula keeps mosquitoes, gnats, clothes and food moths away
- Without paraffin and other toxins
- The filling quantity of 50ml per spray allows for a spray dosage of approx. 400 times
- The perfume can persist for different lengths of time, depending on room temperature, humidity and size, among other factors

Our products are made exclusively without sulphate, artificial colouring, formaldehyde, paraben, silicone, mineral oils or SLS/SLES. According to the origin of our tradition, we never test on animals, nor do the products contain extracts of the same. The materials we use are made of 100% recyclable fabrics in high quality bottles made of environmentally friendly material (Eco-Friendly).