TICHAA - Organic Tea - Hibuscus


+ Certified Organic Hibiscus & White Mulberry Leaves
A marvellous "TEA FOR WOMEN", processed by hand in natural organic quality as an advantageous refill pack. With relaxing and balancing effect, relieves cramps, especially abdominal discomfort, promotes metabolism, is anti-inflammatory and strengthens the immune system. With flowery, sour-fresh aromas.
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CHF 49.00

- Floral and fruity taste, tangy and fresh
- Relaxes and has a balancing effect
- Relieves cramps, especially abdominal pain & stimulates the metabolism
- Anti-inflammatory & strengthens the immune system
- With vitamins, proteins & essential amino acids
- Contains 8 times more minerals than green tea
- No flavour enhancers or other additives
- No bittering agents, can be drunk warm or cold
- Without caffeine
- 100% vegan
- Certified by IFOAM, BioAgricert, ProCert